About Policy

Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers medical expenses that arise due to an illness. These expenses could be related to hospitalisation costs, cost of medicines or doctor consultation fees.

What's covered?

  • Cashless medical treatment
  • Coverage of pre and post hospitalisation expenses
  • Pre-existing diseases cover
  • Doctor’s fee and medicines during hospitalisation (24 hrs.)
  • Room rent*
  • Ambulance fee*
  • Medical check-up facility
  • Tax benefits of health insurance plans

Group Medical Insurance Policy

Group health insurance plans are one of the major benefits offered by many employers. These plans are generally uniform in nature, offering the same benefits to all employees or members of the group. Group health insurance plans usually cost less for participants than individual plans that offer the same benefits. This is because the risk is spread over the entire group, rather than one person.

This policy covers the “Hospitalisation" of employees and their dependents due to disease/accident (24 hours hospitalisation is mandatory).

Individual Health Insurance

Individual health insurance plans offer financial cover against medical expenses for an individual. The insured alone gets all the benefits of the plan. It is best for individuals whose family members are already insured or who is at a higher health risk. An Individual Health Insurance is for a single person and cannot float within the family. This type of medical insurance plan covers hospitalisations, surgeries, room rent, physician’s fee and tests. However, the insured has to pay a certain amount as co-payment for some healthcare services. There are no restrictions on the maximum age for the renewal of the policy.

Family Health Insurance Policy

Family health insurance is a kind of health insurance that covers your family members in a single premium policy under fixed sum insured. Policy provides assured coverage to two or more members of a family at a same time, in case they are hospitalised due to any health issues. Policy provides coverage for self, children & spouse on a floater sum insured, basis which will help them to claim up to full sum insured amount. Plan can also be customised as per insured’s requirements.

Personal Accident Insurance Cover

A personal accident insurance policy is a type of general insurance that provides benefits in the case of accidental death, disability and injury. Because there is also the possibility that an accident results in a fatality for the victim. There are 2 types of PA policy as mentioned below:

Policy issued for individuals are called as individual Personal accidental policy & for group are called as group personal accidental policy (GPA).


Minimum Entry Age: The minimum age to avail of the benefits of health insurance for your child under a child plan is usually 16 days to 18 years. Entry age of a policy for adults ranges from 18 up to 65 years. It can also be 70 years and above based on the plan and insurer.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: If you are purchasing health insurance after the age of 45, you may have to go through various medical tests before getting a health cover. If the policyholder is not asked for the medical tests, then he/she has to submit a declaration disclosing his/her pre-existing conditions. These preconditions or revelations by medical tests determine whether a policy is accessible to a policyholder.


What is health insurance?

Health insurance is an insurance product that provides cover for medical and surgical expenses of an insured person, in case of a medical emergency. However, you are required to pay a premium to avail health insurance policy.

Why should I buy health insurance?

You should purchase health insurance so that you don’t lose your lifelong savings while paying for medical bills in a critical situation.

What are the types of health insurance plans I can buy?

You can buy Individual Health Insurance Plan, Family Floater Health Insurance Plan, Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan, Critical Illness Insurance Plan, Maternity Health Insurance Plan, Group Health Insurance Plan, Personal Accident Insurance Plan.