About the policy

The Insurance Policy broadly covers material damage to electronic equipment (which can include systems software) due to sudden and unforeseen events, the cost of external data media, including the cost of reconstruction of data, also the increased cost of working.

What's covered?

Any loss or damage to electronic equipment like:

  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Scanner
  • Industrial Electronic Machines
  • Servers
  • Data Storage Equipment’s

Whom We Cover

  • The owner(s) of the equipment
  • Lessor /Lessee i.e. leasing the equipment
  • A group of different parties with a financial interest in the equipment like bankers or financiers

Electronic Equipment Insurance (EEI)

  • Computer and allied peripherals.
  • Auxiliary equipment like UPS, Voltage Stabilizer etc.
  • Medical, Biomedical, Equipment e.g. Cath Lab, X‐ray Machine, Ultrasound Machines, MRI, CAT Scan Machines.
  • Audio/Visual Equipment.
  • Electronic Control Panels.
  • Owner or owners of electronic equipment.
  • Organization leasing electronic equipment.
  • Bankers or financiers who bear the purchase cost of the equipment.


What is covered in electronic equipment insurance

Coverage against all accidental damages and natural calamities like fire, lightning, explosion, war, cyclone, earthquake, flood, landslide, rockslide, etc. Any damage to your electronic equipment due to any electrical and mechanical breakdown is covered.

What are the documents required for claim process?

To get the claim amount for sudden and unforeseen physical or software damage or loss of electronic equipment, below mentioned documents need to be submitted:

  • Duly filled in claim settlement form
  • Photocopy of the insurance policy
  • Details of the insured electronic equipment
  • Copy of FIR, in case of theft of the insured electronic device
  • Photocopy of the Preventative Maintenance Agreement of the equipment
  • Bills and documents, if any repair work is done on the damaged equipment