Add on – Motor insurance

A zero depreciation add-on cover can be availed for brand new vehicles and also can be opted for at the time of policy renewal.

Things need to focus before choose zero depreciation cover:

When it comes to purchasing a zero depreciation add-on cover for your bike insurance, here are a few points which you should always keep in mind:

Total Cover: 

We can get insured our additional cost of vehicle, this cover allow benefit to get reimbursement of the amount spent on Registration Cost, Road Tax and Insurance at the time of Total Loss, Constructive Total Loss or Theft Claims.

Engine Protector Cover:

What is engine protector cover?

Section 1.01 – Who Should Purchase Engine Protect Cover?

The Engine Protect bike insurance add-on is recommended for all bike owners. However, it is highly recommended for people living in flood-prone areas or in or near streets which get water-logged easily during rains. Engine Protect is also highly recommended for owners of premium bikes which come with expensive engine parts.

What is covered in engine protection cover?

Section 1.01 – What is Not Covered Under Engine Protect Add-on Cover?

The engine protection add-on cover can be purchased along with a comprehensive insurance plan or with a standalone own damage insurance plan. The following are not covered under engine protect add-on cover for two-wheeler insurance:

Consumables Cover​​

What is consumables cover?

Consumables cover add-on is an additional benefit that you can purchase along with your standard bike insurance policy. It covers you against the cost of replacement or bike parts like screws, engine oils, grease, nuts and bolts, etc.

Consumables cover add-on in bike insurance offers extra coverage for consumable items that a basic bike insurance policy does not cover. The add-on cover helps the insured save on all the consumable items no matter how small they are. One can purchase this add-on cover voluntarily along with the standard bike insurance policy, which can either be a standalone own-damage bike insurance policy or a comprehensive bike insurance policy.

Consumable add-on covers:

The add-on cover offers complete protection against expenses towards consumables that are unfit to be used in the future, in case the damage has been caused due to an accident. consumables cover also protects the insured against expenses related to clips, distilled water, bearing oil, gearbox oil, radiator coolant, battery, and washers. It is an essential add-on cover that gives additional coverage to the insured’s bike thereby offering him/her a stress-free ride. So, it is a smart option to select this add-on cover as it not only offers peace of mind but also makes the insured super secure.

NCB Retention Cover: 

What is NCB retention cover?

How NCB is calculated?

The No Claim Bonus is applicable from the second year of the policy period. After the first year, when no claim has been raised, your insurance provider offers you with a discount of 20% on the premium amount. This begins on second year, and this can go up to 5 consecutive years. To understand the working of a no claim bonus calculator, refer to the following table:

Age of policyNo Claim Bonus Percentage
After year one of no claim20%
After two consecutive years of no claim25%
After three consecutive years of no claim35%
After four consecutive years of no claim45%
After five consecutive years of no claim50%


No claim bonus (NCB) will not applicable if customer applied for claims

 Key Loss Add-on Cover

This add-on cover makes the insurance company liable to compensate the policyholder for the loss of key(s).

Roadside Assistance Add-on Cover

This add-on cover secures assistance services in the event of the breakdown of the insured vehicle. The services include towing to the nearest garage, on-site repair services, assistance in case of loss of keys, changing flat tyres, fuel delivery, etc.

 Tyre Damage Add-on Cover

This add-on provides cover for damages such as in-tyre bulge, puncture or bursting of tyres, cut on a tyre due to an accident, etc.